What To Expect in Skips Music 


For over a century now, Skips Music has proved that it is not just a music store.  Skips Music has three service operations that are running and this is all the contribution that Skip put when he started the business alone back in the seventies.  Skips Music has grown along with the community that it sits in.    They have served the community, offered competitive rates and offered very good selections.  Skips Music is open to all people who would like to see different musical equipment, take music lessons or have answers to any questions they may have.

Staging, crew management, lighting, professional sound is one area that Skips Music has decided to lay emphasis on in their department of production and sound system rental and production rentals.  if you don’t want to rent the equipment you can purchase them as well.

Skip’s Music Production Group which is a subsidiary of Skip’s Music offers solutions to lighting, technical staff, power, crowd control, logistical management and security barriers.  It is the same group that offers audio and video design and system installation to companies and institutions.  If you need acoustic treatment for your event, the consultants from Skips Music are able to discuss and evaluate solutions how practical this is.

An orchestra and band rental is where Skip’s is able to lighten the renting of the band instrument.  After filling out a form on their website they immediately deliver the equipment to you.  Skips Music situated in Sacramento has an on-site shop with technicians who specialize in orchestra and band equipment.

Skips Music technicians are ready to service and repair orchestra and band instruments qualitatively and timely.  In Sacramento, Skips Music has a considerable inventory of rental gear and backline too.

Skips Music offers music lessons.  Skips Music instructors specialize in voice teaching, piano and guitar playing, harmonica among others.

The repair department in Skips music does it all ranging from electronics, electronic repair, drums, rentals, guitars, corporate and institution sales.  If they sell anything and it develops some faults they are able to repair.  Their technicians are qualified to repair many of the recognized musical brands of audio electronics.

In Sacramento music stores, guitar repair sacramento technicians from Skips Music are leading as far as repairs of warranty and non-warranty diagnostic services.  The technicians in Skips Music can repair any of cherished instruments like your guitar.

To conclude, in case you need new sound system for your conference room, need a PA for a big event or if your guitar needs adjustment, Skips Music is able to meet your needs.


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